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A woman receiving IV Therapy

Your Trusted Beauty Clinic in Sherman Oaks

At Rejuve we understand just how important it is to feel confident in your own skin. Our beauty options promote healing at the cellular level and were selected to help enhance your look and highlight the unique features that define your beauty. Browse our list of beauty services, and treat yourself today. You deserve it!

Beauty Treatments

Our expert team is experienced in performing these treatments with precision and care

Our doctors have years of combined experience in helping countless patients like you achieve their goals and better their way of life by providing safe and effective medical solutions.
An IV bag of HA Serum with Vit C
HA Serum with Vit C$185
The HA serum combined with potent vitamin C supports the production of collagen.
An IV bag of Los Angeles Botox & Dysport
Los Angeles Botox & Dysport$185
Your classic, FDA-approved, non-surgical, safe anti-aging treatments that provide long-lasting results!
An IV bag of Dermal & Lip Filler
Dermal & Lip Filler$185
A cosmetic doctor’s secret weapon for providing clients with a youthful glow and overall facial harmony.

Look better, feel better, and unlock the full potential of your body and mind at Rejuve

At Rejuve, you are part of an elite group of people who take their health and happiness seriously, and we make sure to treat you that way.

Rejuve's Mission